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Multiples New Zealand

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NZMBA mission statement is;  To address the special and unique needs of families experiencing a multiple birth, by providing information and support to multiple birth clubs and members.


Mainly Multiples

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Having a Nanny or friend or family member assisting you with the care of your new born twins or triplets can make a world of difference for you and your family.  Phone us at Mainly Multiples to find out what support and financial benefits may be available to you.  Our team offers many years of experience and knowledge of assisting families with multiple births.  We are a proud sponsor of the Multiple Birth Club.  We look forward to your call.

Visit us  Mainly Multiples on Facebook or call us on 0226562889

Porse In Home Childcare

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Members of the Multiple Birth Club could be entitled to a PORSE Nanny Eudcator FREE for 240 hours or more!  Call them today to find out more.  07 855 2666

Work and Income NZ


If you’ve had a multiple birth, have a domestic emergency, or need domestic help with things like laundry, housework, cooking or childcare, you may be able to get Home Help to help with your costs. Unless you’ve had a multiple birth, your income and assets must be under a certain limit to be eligible. For more information contact us.

Early Buds

Early Buds is a nonprofit organisation, supported by Rotorua Elim Church.  Early Buds aim is to support parents of premature babies who spend time in NICU or SCBU.  They distribute free “prem packs” around the country filled with products from their lovely sponsors.
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Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome

Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTS)  affects only identical or monozygotic twins and may occur in 15-25% of monochorionic pregnancies.  In TTS there is an imbalance between the two fetal ciculations.

Please Refer to club contacts for contact information.

Twin and Multiple Birth Loss Support

A nationwide support group for families who have suffered a complete or partial loss in a muliptle birth, from early pregnancy through to childhood and adulthood.  Email us at   Hamilton contact:  Karen Stockdale ph 850 9998.

Nanny Students from Wintec

Nanny students are placed in families as part of their practical experience, and will spend time caring for your children, extending the children’s learning and development, helping with household tasks related to the children and learning from you what it takes to care for and educate infants and young children in a home and family setting.

If you would like to have a nanny student work with you at home please call Wintecs’ Nanny Administrator Cat Evison on  07 834 8800 extn. 7764 or email her   for more information.

Twin Zygosity Testing

To test whether you twins are identical.  The cost is $167.75 including GST for a collection kit. (mouth swab)  Contact:  DNA Care of Diagnositics Med LTD, P O Box 14743, Panmure, Auckland 1714.  Ph 09 571 6474.  Email:


Does your Baby………….

  • Freqently or forcefully vomit or spill?
  • Cry incosolably?
  • Wake frequently at night?
  • Have slow weight gain and growth?
  • Gorge/guzzle their food and want to be fed often?

Your baby might have one or more of these symptoms.  For more information on Gastric Reflux phone Jennifer Howard on 855 9350.  There is a support/playgroup run in Hamilton and information packs are available.

Life Community Services

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Serving our community by providing free family and parenting services that Enhance, Empower and Equip people.  Incredible Years Parent Courses for parents of 3-6 or 6-12 year olds.  Courses over 12-14 weekly sessions.  In-home coaching also available.

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07 8472585